To begin, congratulations on all your endeavors within early recovery; all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years that you have achieved to get to this moment. As a clinical professional specializing within the addiction field I would like to explore the principle behind step one, honesty. Honesty is the foundation to asking for help, acceptance, admitting powerlessness and the realization that through your addiction life has become unmanageable.

That honesty with yourself led to the beginning of your journey. That same honesty will continue to impact you throughout your recovery within your clinical progress, social support, working the steps, life skills and relationships.

Honesty is the key to self- awareness into the struggles, challenges, gains and triumphs that will occur within your recovery journey. Step one is about no longer “hiding” behind fear, insecurities, trauma, grief, loneliness, despair and more. Honesty is the principle behind survivors, peace, courage, vulnerability, leaders and self-love.

Honesty isn’t the only piece in the recovery puzzle but it is the foundation for self-awareness and the ultimate destroyer of defenses such as denial, minimization, excuses, blaming, justification and anger. As a clinical professional within the addic-tion field I often hear from clients and families that loved ones want to see changes to behaviors and not just hear about it. Well, honesty stands behind those promises and promotes healthy changes.

As you are growing and developing within your recovery, note that honesty requires practice and mindfulness. When it comes to honesty, Progress should be celebrated, struggles should promote insight and successes should be acknowledged. Maintaining honesty with yourself, your sponsor, your sober support, your therapist, physician, etc. serves as the catalyst for your continued growth and ultimate lifestyle transformation.

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