You have completed Step 1. Take a minute to pause and appreciate your honest decision to begin your recovery. You have accepted the power of the disease and impact on your life. While some share this is a time of feeling free and enlightened, others may struggle to agree. This is where step two comes in: We came to be aware that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. This very thought of something greater thanourselves can be extremely liberating and helpful in shifting the focus towards a new way of life. Some may struggle with this step and begin to focus on what a “higher power” needs to be to them. Instead of analyzing the actual meaning of the words I suggest seeking your own perception and remaining open to others who have identified a meaning for themselves. Some helpful questions to assist with this are: “What motivates you to maintain your sobriety?” or “What are you hopeful for?” Whether it is a relationship with God, a religion, your family, your children, your partner, etc.- just observe where your motivation comes from.

This time of transition in early recovery may have its difficult days but hope can be your anchor through these storms of change. I often heard it said in meetings “Hope stands for Hold On Pain Ends.” Such a simple and wonderful sentence of encouragement! I believe understanding the value of hope in step two helps to develop motivation and momentum in successfully working through all 12 steps. As you identify your motivation for your sobriety your hope will continue to rise. Think of it this way..Using hope, or faith, in something greater than ourselves to help us heal is like working out a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. Most know that working out takes time and a lot of repetition so consider starting your day with an affirmation declaring your hope. “I expect great things to happen.. The best is yet to come.. My future is bright and beautiful.” Hopeful thinking will lead to positive thoughts which will lead to successful days in your recovery. No matter how you feel today, pause and observe your hope for the future and don’t be afraid to declare anything- because you are capable and choose to be willing.

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